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CB001 Anderson
ANDERSON of Wester Ardbreck "Stand Sure" ..

CB002 Armstrong
ARMSTRONG of Mangerton "I Remain Unvanquished" ..

CB003 Baird
BAIRD of Auchmedden "The Lord Made" ..

CB004 Barclay
BARCLAY "Either Action or Death" ..

CB004B Blair
BLAIR "I Love the Virtuous" ..

CB005 Brodie
BRODIE "Unite" ..

CB006B Bruce
BRUCE "We Have Been" ..

CB006C Buchan
BUCHAN "Not Having Followed Mean Pursuits" ..

CB007 Buchanan
BUCHANAN "Brighter Hence the Honour" ..

CB008 Cameron
Cameron "Unite" ..

CB009 Campbell
Campbell "Forget Not" ..

CB010 Campbell (of Cawdor)
Campbell of Cawdor "Be Mindful" ..

CB011 Campbell (of Breadalbane)
Campbell of Breadalbane "Follow Me" ..

CB011B Carmichael
Carmichael "Always Ready" ..

CB012 Chisholm
Chisholm "I am Fierce With the Fierce" ..

CB013 Colquhoun
Colquhoun "If I Can" ..

CB013B Craig
Craig of Wester Dunmore "I Have Good Hope" ..

CB013C Crawford
Crawford "I Will Make Thee Safe by My Strength" ..

CB014 Cumming (of Altyre)
Cumming of Altyre "Courage" ..

CB015 Cunningham
Cunningham "Over Fork Over" ..