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Bespoke Engraving

Bespoke Items and Personalisation

We now offer a range of Bespoke Giftware that can be personalised to your company. We are able to engrave your Place / Company name alongside one of the 6 standard designs we currently offer, or indeed engrave a bespoke design, such as your logo, in place of our design.

We charge a small £5 set-up fee for each new bespoke design. This charge is waived, however, for orders in excess of 24 of each item required.


Pocket Watches:

We are also able to engrave both sides of our pocket watch, thus allowing it to be personalised for your customers by engraving a design on the front face of the watch casing and a name, date or place on the reverse. As this option requires the engraving process to be repeated, thus increasing the machining time, we currently charge and additional £5 for this service, per item required, regardless of the quantity of items ordered in a single order.


Sgian Dubhs:

We are able to engrave a message onto the blade of any of the sgian dubhs we offer, as shown in the example above. For this service we charge £5 per sgian subh. We would reccommend keeping the message to a maximum of 4 lines with approximately 20 characters per line, however please Contact Us if you have a specific request outwith these constraints.


Image Requirements:

When engraving a bespoke design, best results are achieved with a two-tone, preferably black and white, high-quality image (we accept .JPEG, .PS, .AI, .PDF). Although a high level of detail can be achieved in the engraving we would recommend giving consideration to the final size of the engraving. We are unable to engrave colour photographs.

We are, however able to work with other image formats and are able to alter images to suit the engraving process so please Contact Us if you are unsure whether your design is suitable or to discuss any specific requests.


Thank you.


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